Juana Rodriguez

Brian Palacios

History 1301

Juana Rodriguez

24 October 2018

Police Brutality

Leaders have encouraged the police to use brutal force when dealing with suspects. Police brutality has been a theme that was present in the early days in history, and up to this era, we continue to encounter police using force and sometimes killing suspects. In the journal ‘Sacrificing Black Lives for the American Lie’ we are made aware that the American police are not charged or rarely are they charged for taking the lives of the black people in the American nation. For the instances, they are charged the juries rarely convict them. The issue arose when a Minnesota jury ruled in favor of the police that Philando Castile was responsible for his death and Jeronimo Yanez the officer who shot him did nothing wrong.

According to the journal, there is no known reason as to why justice is segregated from the black people’s death, but people say that America is racist. The jurors in the American nation are like cops who hate the blacks for no reason. On the side of the police, the account of racism is indisputable as they claim that the lives of the black people do not matter. Indeed, the Black Death matters to the life of America that is it matters to the blood flow of ideas that give life to the American’s perception of a nation.

Police brutality in the American nation was witnessed as early as 1872 when the Chicago Tribune reported the beating of a civilian under arrest at the Harrison police station. Police brutality on the people of black decency is not a thing of today, but it is a historical issue that was present during the times of slavery. The slaves were brutally tortured and killed by the police, and the justice system of America never gave an ear to the complaints as the blacks were always condemned to be on the wrong. Reading from the article, around fifty years ago Black American rioters who rebelled and killed by the police in almost 130 cities were blamed by the Americans for causing their own deaths.

Work Cited

Kendi, Ibrahim. Sacrificing Black Lives for the American Lie. The New York Times. Retrieved from: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/24/opinion/sunday/philando-castile-police-shootings.html. 20 October 2018

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