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TEXAS GOVT 2306 – WORKSHEET 2: MARK the BEST ANSWER(S) on your SCANTRON. Standing Committees have broad subject matter __(1)__ and are __(2)__. 1. A. administrative discretion B. chubbing C. jurisdiction 2. A. in-house B. permanent C. temporary __(3)__ is a prohibited practice, but also an enduring tradition on the Texas House of Representatives floor. It occurs when members cast official votes for their absent colleagues—with or without their express permission. A. busting B. chubbing C. ghost voting The Texas Legislature’s Regular Session is divided into three distinct periods: The first 30 days are reserved for the __(4)__ of bills and resolutions. The second 30 days are generally devoted to committee consideration of the bills and resolutions. The remaining 80 days are devoted to floor __(5)__ and voting on the bills and resolutions. 4. A. consideration B. debate C. introduction 5. A. consideration B. debate C. introduction The Texas Legislature serves the following functions: to represent the _(6)_ in government; to legislate, budget, and _(7)_; to perform constituent _(8)_; to oversee the _(9)_; to consider constitutional _(10)_ for the Texas and U.S. Constitutions; to confirm the governor’s _(11)_; to _(12)_ itself and the U.S. congressional districts in Texas; and to _(13)_ and remove from office corrupt officials. 6. A. Electors B. People C. Skillful Orators 7. A. Tax B. Plan C. Fine 8. A. Education B. Casework C. Outreach 9. A. Autocracy B. Bureaucracy C. Hierarchy 10. A. Resolutions B. Proclamations C. Amendments 11. A. Appointees B. Agenda C. First Lady 12. A. Abolish B. Gerrymander C. Redistrict 13. A. Establish B. Impeach C. Fine The Texas Constitution provides for a Regular session of the Texas Legislature that runs for a maximum of _(14)_ days AND for a legislative session that limited to no more than _(15)_ days. 14. A. 150 B. 140 C. 120 15. A. 10 B. 20 C. 30 The Texas Constitution stipulates that “the legislature shall, at its first session after the publication of each United States _(16)_, apportion the State into Senatorial and Representative districts. 16. A. declination map B. sunset review C. decennial census The SCOTUS case of _(17)_ (1964) held that “the seats in both houses of a bicameral state legislature must be apportioned on a _(18)_ basis. 17. A. Kilgore v. Warmartin B. Reynolds v. Sims 18. A. status quo B. population Today, all representatives in Texas are elected on a _(19)_-member-district basis. 19. A. multi B. single 20. Members of the Texas Legislature may not hold another government office AND must meet specific state constitutional qualifications concerning citizenship, voter status, state residency, district residence, and age. A. True B. False 21. To qualify for membership in the Texas Legislature, the minimum age required for the Texas House of Representatives is 21 years old AND for the Texas Senate is 26 years old. A. True B. False

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22. As a part of its Legislative oversight of the Texas bureaucracy, the Texas Legislature participates in the _______________ Process wherein it vets each of the approximately 150 Texas Executive Branch agencies on a 12-year cycle. After the completion of both an internal and external review of each agency’s performance, it is up to the Texas Legislature to decide whether to reauthorize the agency, provisionally reauthorize the agency with mandatory reforms, or allow the agency to “expire” at Sunset on the last day of the Regular Session. A. Sundown Review B. Sunset Review C. Legislative Budget D. Infernal Review 23. Just as the Vice President of the United States is empowered to preside over the U.S. Senate but is not a member of that national lawmaking body, so too the Lieutenant Governor of Texas presides over the Texas Senate but is not a member of the state lawmaking body. A. True B. False 24. Chosen by the Texas people in a statewide election for a four-year term, the Lt. Governor is first in the line of succession in the event of the death, resignation, or removal of the Texas Governor. A. True B. False 25. As the Texas Senate’s President, the Lt. Governor appoints the Chairs and members of Senate Committees and Sub-Committees. A. True B. False 26. Like the Lt. Governor in the Senate, the Speaker controls the proceedings (and calendars) in the House of Representatives. A. True B. False 27. A Legislative Caucus is an organization of legislators who seek to maximize their influence over issues in which they have a ____________ interest. A. monetary B. special 28. For purposes of classification, proposed laws fall into three categories: A. special B. general C. local D. home-rule 29. To become a law, a bill must pass by a __________ majority of votes of members present in both the House and the Senate, but a two-thirds majority vote if it is an emergency measure that will take effect upon signature. A. simple B. super 30. The unwritten rule of senatorial _________ requires that the Senate “______” (reject) an appointment if the Senator representing the appointee’s residence declares him/her “personally objectionable”. A. complacency//impeach B. courtesy//bust 31. The Texas Legislature requires a minimum of ___________ Readings of any bill before it can become a law. A. Three B. Four 32. When a bill is introduced, assigned its number, has its caption read by the reading clerk, and is assigned to a committee, the bill is deemed to have had its _________ Reading. A. Fourth B. Third C. Second D. First 33. When a bill is brought to the floor of a chamber for debate, it is deemed to have had its _________ Reading. A. Fourth B. Third C. Second D. First 34. When brought to a chamber’s floor for a final vote, a bill is deemed to have had its ________ Reading. A. Fourth B. Third C. Second D. First

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