Juvenile Justice v. Adult Justice System

Comparison Paper (Juvenile Justice/Adult Justice Systems)

The juvenile justice system is similar to the adult criminal justice system in many ways; however, fundamental differences do exist. In this assignment, you will:

  • Compare and contrast the juvenile and adult criminal justice systems
  • Analyze and describe how they are similar and how they are fundamentally different.
  • Explain why the juvenile justice system is different, and the principles behind those differences.

Note that this is not a research paper, but rather a reflective paper that analytically summarizes the course material presented in the textbook and within the online Course Content.

Helpful sources include: Kathryn Monahan, Laurence Steinberg, and Alex R. Piquero (2015). Juvenile Justice Policy and Practice: A Developmental Perspective. Crime and Justice.

  • Agnew, R. (2015). Reflection on “A Revised Strain Theory of Delinquency.” Social Forces, 91 (1).
  • Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice: http://yvj.sagepub.com/cgi/content/abstract/1/2/128 

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