key factors in recruiting in a global workplace

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  • What are some of the key factors to consider when recruiting in a global workplace?

Justin Smith

The two key factors that I would consider when recruiting globally are; understanding the social/cultural nature of the country or countries I am wanting to recruit from and the labor market within the country/countries. Understanding the societal and cultural nature of a country is important to understand the individuals that one may wish to hire. As stated in our text, the common questions of the “what” are likely universal it is the “how” that may differ based on many factors. Having a solid understanding will help determine if in fact the candidates I am recruiting meet the requirements of the business values. The labor market in which I am recruiting from plays a role as well in that if the market is scarce or in abundance makes a difference to my approach as well. If in fact the market is healthy, I may need to approach potential recruits with more intriguing benefit packages to show the value the business can bring to the individual. In a market with an abundance of recruits I would approach it differently in that I would want to have a more targeted set of requirements to ensure I get the top talent.

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