leadership and management skill

Written Assignment
Leadership competencies are among the many important topics discussed in the chapters read in this module. Click here for a list of 20 leadership and management skill areas.
For this assignment, please write approximately 1,750-2,000 words addressing the following prompts:
Part 1 (approximately 875-1,000 words)
?Select and assess three of these 20 skill areas in which you are strong and high-performing
?Select and assess three of these 20 skill areas in which you would like to improve and further develop professionally
Part 2 (approximately 875-1,000 words)
?Applying the list of 20 management and leadership skill areas, evaluate the roles that organizational leaders you know have played (positively and negatively) in influencing organizational culture, performance, and change
Below is a list of 20 leadership and management skill areas.
1. Patient-, family-, and community-centeredness
2. Knowledge of the health industry and responding/adapting to new developments
3. Leadership
4. Designing, structuring, prioritizing, and coordinating work to be done
5. Accomplishing goals by working through a diversity of others (e.g., diversity of professional levels, skills/knowledge/abilities, multicultural)
6. Professionalism, ethics, passion, compassion, and integrity
7. Communication (oral, written, listening), responsiveness, and trust-building
8. Motivating, coaching, training, developing, supervising, and handling multiple simultaneous responsibilities
9. Strategic planning 10. Relationship management and teamwork
11. Analytical/critical thinking and decision-making
12. Conflict management, negotiation, and resolution
13. Organizational analysis and improvement
14. Change management
15. Crisis management
16. Financial management and raising/managing capital
17. Computer skills and information management
18. Project management
19. Recruiting, retaining, applying, compensating, and evaluating human resources
20. Stress management

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