Leadership and organization

Submissions accepted: 5/7/2014 | 12:00 AM

Review: Full, Anonymous: No

Part 1
As described in Exhibit 1.3 on page 16, Management and Leadership are both essential but include different qualities and activities. Managers and leaders are not inherently different types of people. Many managers possess abilities and qualities to be effective leaders. As well, leadership cannot replace management–it is in addition to management. Using Exhibit 1.3 Comparing Management and Leadership and provide an example of 1) leadership and 2) management activities for each of the 5 areas crucial to organizational performance. For these 10 examples, use activities or decisions you have accomplished or that you have seen from others.

Part 2
Pick three traits from the list in Exhibit 2.1 (page 40) that you think would be most valuable for a leader in an operational role. Pick three that you think would be most valuable for a leader in a collaborative role. In at least a paragraph for each trait, explain your choice for the trait and role. Use your own examples, thoughts and experiences.

exhibit 1.3 page 16

exhibit 2.1 page 40

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