Leadership Models—Contemporary Theories

Discussion question 500 words.

terms learnt in class:

Leadership Models—Contingency Theories

Leadership Models—Contemporary Theories

This week’s materials emphasize the complexity surrounding processes designed to maximize team efficiency and performance. For your initial post to this discussion forum, begin by describing how the impact of conflict on teams may be “good, bad, or ugly” and how conflict in some cases may be necessary to bring about desired outcomes. Then illustrate your position regarding at least one of these circumstances (conflict is good, bad, ugly, and/or necessary) by citing an example from a popular or academic source (i.e., an academic journal, popular or trade magazine, newspaper, broadcast, internet, etc.).

Materials used in class:


Chapters 10 & 12 in Fundamentals of Management


Keskes, I. (2014). Relationship between leadership styles and dimensions of employee organizational commitment: A critical review and discussion of future directions. Intangible Capital, 10(1), 26-51.
Nishar, D. (2012, December 17). To be a good leader, first be human. Retrieved from http://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20121217194559-554288-to-be-a-good-leader-first-be-human
Notgrass, D., Conner, C., & Bell, T. J. (2013, Fall). Leading external auditing teams: The correlation between leaders’ behaviors and team dynamics of cohesion and conflict. International Journal of Business & Public Administration, 10(2), 1-14.

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