Legal Case Study


In this assignment, you are required to complete only one case study from the following six case studies based on your Nurse Practitioner specialty track.

Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to foster your synthesis of course content relevant to medical liability concepts. You should complete the learning materials before completing the case because important background information is included in these resources.

Process: A rubric is provided to assist in communicating the expectations for this assignment. The questions in each case study are designed to direct the focus of your paper. Reference the case study where appropriate, especially in the discussion about the standard of care.

Case Navigation: Begin by clicking the About the Patient tab on the main page. Read the information on that page, then click the Next link in the bottom-right corner of the page. Click each tab on the left side of the screen and read the revealed information. When you have finished reading the patient’s situation, select the Review the Case tab, which provides you with the questions you must respond to for this assignment. Please answer the questions listed, because they relate to the case and the learning material related to malpractice and standard of care.

Remember to use APA format, including a cover sheet and a reference list.



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