Which model of instruction is evidenced by Lena’s teaching?
Lena is using the Sheltered ESL instruction in ensuring that her students have acquired the best English skills that will be useful in understanding the Math subject. As immigrants, her students need to have an adequate English understanding so that they can utilize the language in familiarizing with the subject concepts (Oscar, 2012). The fact that the students are new in America means that they will need to have knowledge of the English language that will be useful in analyzing the material concepts. The academic content of their prime subject can only be conceptualized if the students have a good understanding of the language in which it is taught.

According to knowledge from the readings, at which stages of language acquisition do her students appear to be?
Lena’s students are at the secondary level of the language acquisition. These are students who have had a general understanding of the language before. At this particular time, they have migrated to America and it is for this reason that the Lena aims at making them familiarize them with the English language before they understand the Math unit (Jeanne, 2011). The English is now best understood because Lena’s colleague, Melvin who is adequately helping one of the students with English difficulties. English as a second language has been put into practice best because these international students can now tackle assignments in English.

What actions is she taking to address the needs of the ESOL students, and what else might you suggest?
Lena is making use of her colleague Melvin who is sufficiently assisting one of the students with major difficulties. Melvin does a great job in solving the issues that are making such international students not adequately put up with the class challenges. She is also giving a lot of assignments to the ESOL students that are aimed at making them get used more with English as a second language (Oscar, 2012). By going through the assignments given in class, the students are able to understand more of the subject contents. Lena should also think of enrolling some American students in her class so that they can adequately assist their classmates. Socializing with American students will be of help to the international students in acquiring more English skills for understanding the Math subject.

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