Letter of Admission, Georgia Techs Corporate


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Letter of Admission, Georgia Tech’s Corporate

I am a hardworking and determined individual who seeks to gain admission in industrial engineering. My interest in industrial engineering began in my early childhood years and I intend to pursue this course all through to the Masters level. Specifically, I am interested in admission at Georgia tech, as I believe the college provides a comprehensive curriculum in industrial engineering. At the outset, Georgia Tech’s Corporate program allows students to take on practical applications of what they learnt in their classrooms, thus allowing proper professional performance in the field. In addition to this, the lecturer and instructors in the institute of industrial engineers have proved able to organize their classroom-thought-lessons to allow students gain proper comprehension of the coursework. This has, in turn, prompted the success of students graduating from the college, as they are transformed into well-performing professionals in the industry.

I also intend to pursue my life-long dream as a successful entrepreneur in the field through the acquisition of a minor in leadership studies. Coupled with membership in LeaderShape and the Young Entrepreneurs Society, I believe that I will rise up to become a good leader. Georgia Tech’s Shanghai initiative will also play a great role in the achievement of my life goals and dreams as it will widen my entrepreneurial and international outlook in the field. Networking with other students and affinity groups will also assist in the fulfillment of my future endeavors. I also intend to join other educative clubs such as the debate club, the national MUN club, as well as, the Georgia Tech community service council. In addition to gaining membership in clubs, I also intend to take up various games such as, basketball, volleyball, cycling, and paintball. Coming from country with a strong cultural and ethical background, I believe that I will add to the miscellany of the student college community, thus making the college a rich cultural society. Being an international applicant from a country with strong cultural and ethical believes, I wish to add to the diversity of the college community.

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