Listening Discussion

First of all, read the file first and post a discussion more than 500 words

Once again use the Situation, Behavior/Action, Outcome/Result to organize your discussion post. Think of a situation where discriminate or evaluative listening was required of you.

  • Describe the situation or circumstance.
  • Explain the message that you believe the sender was trying to communicate or did communicate.
  • Describe your listening behavior/feedback; note verbal and nonverbal aspects that comprised your feedback.
  • Describe the outcome in terms of the success or lack therof of the communication transaction. Did the way that you listened influence the outcome?
  • Cite points of information or conclusions drawn from 3 of the readings or TED Talks. One point made from each of your 3 reading/video choices is sufficient.
  • Reminder: you choose 4 of these 6 discussion posts offered – communication apprehension, listening, nonverbal, gender, intercultural and persuasive

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