Locate two (2) articles related to the chosen specialty track or a current trend in advanced practice nursing

Evolution of the Master’s Prepared Nurse Roles 

·         Factors contributing to advanced practice nursing

·         The Essentials of Master’s Education

·         Library introduction

Readings:·         DeNisco and Barker: Chapters 1 and 2 (FNP Students)


Blackboard Weekly Guide: Week 2 Content


Journal Articles:

Gerard, S. O., Kazer, M. W., Babington, L., & Quell, T. T. (2014). Past, present, & future trends of master’s education in nursing. Journal of Professional Nursing, 30(4), 326-332.

Gray, A. (2016). Advanced or advancing nursing practice: What is the future direction for nursing? British Journal of Nursing25(1), 8-13.


Online Class Activity 1 (5 points):

·         Locate two (2) articles related to the chosen specialty track or a current trend in advanced practice nursing

·         Develop an annotated bibliography for each article and post to the discussion board

o   Articles should be less than five years old and peer-reviewed as verified in Ulrich Periodical Directory

·         Critique two classmate’s posts

·         Initial post due by Thursday and two critiques by Sunday

·         See instructions following the grid




·         Internet documents including Google references, blogs, Wikipedia, .com, or other non-scholarly documents should not be used for references·         Creditable Internet websites include .org, .edu, .gov or Health On the Net (HON) approved sites

·         Scholarly professional online journals retrieved from the library using bibliographic databases or national professional organizations are acceptable

·         All articles must be within a five-year timeframe unless otherwise stated by the instructor or a classic/historical source as defined by APA

·         Citation of an article/source/reference implies that the student has personally retrieved and read the cited work

·         Complete citations within the body of the postings and the reference list according to APA format

·         Responses over the required number can be made without references 
·         Spelling, grammar, and organization reflect scholarly writing·         UseAPA formatto cite articles and references






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