Management Action Plan Template

Management Action Plan Template

Answer the following questions for each function of management. Your responses should total 700 to 1,050 words combined.

Function of Management: Planning

What type of planning activities will you need to use as a manager?

Strategic planning activities. This entails the overall direction of the company and its general identity. The manager needs to develop alternatives that the company will adopt and identifying the tactics the company will embrace.

Operational planning activities. These planning activities institute major policies that provide the operational direction of the business level for the long term and offer a broader effect. These activities will include including major additions of facilities and the establishment of manufacturing representatives to market the business’items.

Budgetary activities. Establish departmental fiscal policies, budgets, and schedules. Provide direction for every level of the organization on the budget policy.

Review planning activities from the textbook. What planning process would you use as a manager?

The management will adopt the draw-think-plan process. The suitable planning process begins with recognizing the original need for action. The need is also advised by identified opportunities within the business and outside. The management will evaluate the current situation in the organization and clearly define the gap between the current state and the desired one.

Whether the need is advised by negative performance or the availability of opportunities, the management takes the step to define the objective and the desired state after the implantation of the plan. These objectives will be used to track progress and motivate employees to move in the desired direction.

Because of uncertainties that may arise in the course of project implementation, the management will look to develop premises. The premises will be based on forecasts, past policies as well as existing ones.

The management will also seek alternatives that are available in achieving the objectives that are set at the beginning of the planning process. The management understands that a lot of choices exist, but the challenge appears in narrowing down to the most efficient and cost-effective. For this reason, a proper examination course of action is taken on the alternative choices. This means evaluating each alternative closely and weighing the costs against the return. The evaluation, as mentioned, will be weighed against the objectives set by the organization.

The best alternative will then inform the specific actions the management will take to close the gap between the current state and the desired one. The plan will then identify the resources required to facilitate these actions.

Function of Management: Organizing

How will you use organizing as a manager?

Having created a viable plan organization is required to close the gap between the current situation and the desired goal. Organizing will be used to identify the various roles, processes, and activities required to reach the goals defined in the plan. Creating roles for team members, the definite tasks each role will entail, and the particular processes that will make up these tasks. After this step of organizing, the management will then focus on organizing resources as appropriate. Organization will also enable the delegation of authorities and assigning responsibilities. The management approach adopted requires the management to devolve authority down the hierarchy.

Review organizing approaches from the textbook. What organizing approaches would you use as a manager?

The management seeks to create a balance between specialization and autonomy. The management believes that specialization does not fit the philosophy of the organization as it undermines teamwork and results in lower job satisfaction, increased employee turnover, and reduced organizational commitment. The organization approach is based on assigning jobs that entail variety. By doing so, the organization’s philosophy of enrichment and teamwork is upheld.

Function of Management: Leading

What type of leadership characteristics do you want to demonstrate?

Keep ego in check and ensure it does not create compromise during interactions with subordinates.

Internal motivation and self-management.

Ability to take deliberated risks through intuition and the analysis of gathered intelligence

Share group organizational awareness. Be attuned to the feelings of the team.


Be able to entertain new ideas and suggestions

Adaptability to allow for the adaptation to new situations and cognition of news ways to respond to a dynamic business environment.


Have a vision

Review leadership characteristics from the textbook. What leadership approaches would you use as a manager?

The management adopts a transactional and transformational leadership approach. In this case, transformational leadership is considered an extension of transactional leadership and not an alternate. Most of the elements of transformational leadership are, however, adopted as compared to transactional leadership. The characteristics of transactional leadership that entail opposition to change, inflexibility, and the favor of structured policies are substituted with the more liberal attributes of transformational leadership.

Function of Management: Controlling

Which controlling techniques would you use to measure performance?

Direct supervision and observation is a technique that will allow the management to get a direct monitor directly the performance of employees. Budget control is another crucial controlling technique that will enable the control of a crucial part of a business process that is the use of financial resources. Another controlling technique that will be applied is management by objectives. The management approach allows for the superior and the subordinate to be involved and agrees upon the objectives set of each individual and the team as a whole. Management by objectives will entail periodic evaluation of individual performance. The achievement of objectives will attract as a motivational incentive.

Review controlling techniques from the textbook. What controlling approaches would you use as a manager?

Direct supervision and personal observation will be applied as a control approach as direct supervision guarantees that the performance exhibited are in line with the goals and objectives of the organization. Direct contact with employs ensures that many problems are saved on the spot, with first-hand information, the manager has a better understanding of the workers. The manager will then set standards of what is required of employees by making an example of himself.

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