Management case

1. In what ways was the acquisition by the U.S. company well planned and in what ways was it not well planned? Compare how the planning was apparently done with best practices of planning from the lectures. Include considerations of the external environment in your answer.

2. Recommend changes as of the end of the case that would improve Datasil?s internal performance and staff attitudes. These changes may include organizational structure, communication, and/or decision-making. Explicitly apply theoretical course content to develop and support your changes.

it is important to:

Identify the concept/theory that you are applying

Define it as if the reader has never heard of it before

Explain how it applies to the situation at hand

You might want to elaborate on its merits or shortcomings

You might even explain why you applied that concept or approach over another alternative

Then, also explain what will happen next if you apply it. What will be the implications of your recommendations.

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