Manufacturing Operations Management Group Project:Case report write-ups

MGMT 483 Manufacturing Operations Management

Group Project

For this course project, each team will complete “The Interface between Demand and Production Strategies at TractParts” (case 12) from the Supply Chain Management Casebook (Munson, 2013). Projects consist of two parts:

  • Written Report

Each team will address the unique team topic along with questions at the end of the case within a written report and submit a hard copy during the course scheduled exam day (Tuesday, 12/12 2:45PM – 5:00PM).

Case report write-ups should include:

Introduction – Main issues, what are you doing, why are you doing it, expected results.

Background – Go into a little more detail on issues, bring in other sources, set the stage based on your special topic slant in section 2.

Methods – Explain your methods and data used for analysis.

Analysis and Results – Explain your analysis, what are your results.

Recommendations and Conclusions.

  • Presentation (15-20 minutes per group)

Each team will present their recommendations briefly and tie into one of the following topics to teach/discuss for presentation.

#3 – Mitigating supply chain risk strategies/tools

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