Marginalized Women and Childbearing Families



  1. 1. Read the following article:  which can be found in the Chamberlain library:
  3. Prodan‐Bhalla, N., & Browne, A. J. (2019). Exploring women’s health care experiences through an equity lens: Findings from a community clinic serving marginalised women. Journal of clinical nursing, 28(19-20), 3459-3469.
  5. 2. In your initial discussion post, respond to the discussion questions listed below and support your responses with at least one evidence-based reference (other than the assigned article)



Discussion Questions:


  1. 1. As an advanced practice nurse, what are three actions you can take to mitigate social impacts to marginalized women?
  3. 2. What role does policy at either government, state, or local level play in the marginalization of women and child bearing families?
  5. 3. Identify one policy that impacts marginalized groups (include whether the policy is at the federal, state, or local level). (State of Michigan)
  7. 4. Discuss how policy impacts marginalized group either positively or negatively.



Scholarly Sources are published within the last 5 years. 


Reference list is provided and in-text citations match.


 All answers are fully supported with an appropriate EBM argument.

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