MBA 6931, Project Management Strategy and Tactics 4; Project Management Software Report

Unit VII Essay

Project Management Software Report

The company you work for has grown in size in a very short time. Due to the scale and type of projects coming in, there is a need to adopt a project management software. You are tasked with researching the different project management software available and choosing three of the researched software to report on. Your report should analyze your research and selection process.

MBA 6931, Project Management Strategy and Tactics 4

There are a number of characteristics to evaluate, including the ability of the software to support the development of schedules, budgets, resource plans, and monitoring reports. Include the following criteria in your report:

 Identify a set of selection criteria.

 Identify priorities for the criteria.

 Prepare a graphic or illustration which compares the evaluation of the software packages relative to the criteria.

 Explain the advantages and disadvantages of each software being reported.

 Conclude with a succinct and concise discussion for moving forward with a specific software.

Tip: When choosing project management software, the potential user should read several software surveys conducted with project managers. There are a number of surveys and reviews available on the current crop of project management software.

Your report must:

 Be a minimum of 600 words in length.

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