How media affects feminism and influences patriarchy

Weighting: 30% of final grade
Length: 5 to 8 pages (1500 to 2000 words)
Due: Upon completion of Unit 8
This assignment builds on the research essay plan you submitted for Assignment 2. If you have not submitted a research essay plan and received feedback from your tutor, your research essay will not be marked and no grade will be given for this assignment.
Your research essay must not be just an overview of the general topic area, although that would be fine for the introductory or background sections. The bulk of your essay must provide an analysis of the subject, one that includes concrete examples based directly on the theory presented in this course.
It is also important for your essay to be reflexive, which means that it considers other categories of identity (e.g., race, class, ability) in addition to gender.
Your research essay should be no less than six (6) and no more than eight (8) typed/word-processed, double-spaced pages (1500–2000 words), not including the title page and reference section (list of works cited).
The number of references or secondary sources you cite will depend on the topic. Nonetheless, you will be expected to include references to a minimum of three external, academic sources.
All in-text citations and references must conform to American Psychological Association (APA) documentation style. See for information and help using APA style.
Note: Before you begin, take a few minutes to review the “Evaluation Guidelines for Women’s Studies 266 Assignments,” the “Tips on Writing Essays and Research Papers,” and the “Plagiarism and Academic Misconduct” sections in the Course Information on the course homepage. Plagiarism is a serious offence and will not be tolerated. Click here to learn more about AU’s Academic Misconduct Policy.
1. Begin by reviewing the comments and suggestions your tutor provided on the research essay plan you submitted for Assignment 2.
2. Carefully examine the “References and Supplementary Materials” list provided at the end of the appropriate unit(s) in the Study Guide for relevant sources of further information. These resources were chosen for their appropriateness for the research topics developed for this course. You should also check the reference lists given at the end of the various articles and chapters in your course textbooks.
3. Consult the Library Help Centre for information on accessing Athabasca University’s electronic journal databases. The Using Google Scholar link provides additional help on searching the Athabasca University Library holdings.
4. When you have completed your research essay, ensure that you make and keep a copy for your records. Upload your assignment and submit it to your tutor for marking (see top, right-hand corner of the online assignment page). If, for some reason, you are unable to do this, contact your tutor to make other arrangements.
All assignments are marked within five business days of their receipt. Your graded assignment will be returned to you via the same Assignment link. When you receive it, review the comments made, and if necessary, contact your tutor to discuss the results.
If you have any difficulties preparing this assignment, contact your tutor immediately.
Note: You will not be permitted to rewrite this assignment unless directed to do so by your tutor.

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