Media Analysis Paper

For this assignment students will be writing a media analysis paper, which is a formal research paper. Students should select one media text and analyze this text for gendered messaging. A media “text” can be anything (e.g., television series, television episode, a scene from a TV episode, a film, a song, a music video, an album, a commercial…). Once you have selected your text, you should offer a critical analysis of that text. Identify 2 or 3 dominant themes related to gender (these will be your main points). Explain and analyze these themes. Connect this to wider cultural, political, and social meanings and understandings. Your paper should have a clear argument (thesis) and approximately 2-3 main points that support your thesis. A thesis statement is a one-sentence declarative statement that summarizes your central argument without explicitly stating your three main points. In your body paragraphs, you should develop your arguments fully and use examples to support your claims. Organization is important, so I recommend you spend some time outlining before writing your paper. You are expected to cite a minimum of 5 credible sources (not including your textbook) in your analysis. Of the 5 sources, 4 must be scholarly, peer-reviewed sources (e.g., academic journals or academic books or book chapters). You may use your textbook, but this will not count toward your required five sources. I expect that you will apply course concepts and/or theories in your analysis.

Requirements and materials are attached.

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