Medication Errors

Use the Milestone 3 template to complete this assignment.

Use Milestone 1 and Milestone 2 to further complete the assignment. 

Download the required Milestone 3 Template

  1. Milestone 3 is a continuation of and builds upon Milestones 1 and 2. Review the grading criteria and grading rubric for details about requirements.
  2. A peer-reviewed scholarly professional nursing journal article (not a website) that is appropriate to the nursing care issue must be obtained from CINAHL via the Chamberlain Online Library and must be available in full text. Provide the required information about the article in the template. You will write a short summary of this article.
  3. Carefully review the assigned areas for Milestone 3 and type directly in your saved required Milestone 3 Template.

For this assignment, you should be using your approved nursing care issue from Milestones 1 and 2. Please remember that you should not change your topic without the permission of your instructor. Each assignment builds off the previous to develop the entire project.

The first section of the assignment is brief statement of nursing care issue, in which you briefly state the approved nursing care issue from milestones 1 and 2. Next we have intervention to improve quality.For this assignment, you will be developing one intervention that can be put into place to improve quality for your selected nursing care issue.Please, pay close attention to the rubric and notice that the intervention must be supported by evidence from a scholarly, peer reviewed article, not a website, available in full text from [UNKNOWN]. You are not required to have a citation present for the intervention, but it must clearly be from the article.The intervention is the plan that we have to make improvements.

The next portion of the assignment is professional article to support intervention.You will provide the information for the article used to support your intervention.Complete the areas required on the template. The next portion is the article summary. In this section, you will write a brief summary of the article that is between 80 to 100 words.

Finally, we come to the control evaluation. The evaluation section has been challenging for some students to complete in the past. In this section, you are providing the details of a plan to determine if your intervention has been effective or not.You won’t want to just evaluate the intervention itself but also how you will know it has made an improvement for your nursing care issue.


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