Mental Health and Illness

Mr. Fred Robinson is a 24 year old man from Derby (2392 km from Perth) in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia. He has a supportive family, comprising of his father, mother, three brothers and friends. Fred is usually presented well, when found, he is disheveled, unwashed, wearing one shoe, a woolen jumper, beany, and boardshorts.

The police escorted him to the local public hospital after he was observed muttering to himself and pacing near the railing of a bridge next to the railway yard. They found a bag of ripped clothing and papers, a bible, wallet, and an unlabeled medicine bottle containing numerous coloured tablets near him.

Initially, Fred was uncooperative when questioned by the police and he accused them of trying to take thoughts from his head. He subsequently became aggressive and displayed violent behaviour by attempting to punch a police officer and shouting at the others. He was restless, overactive, singing loudly and it was difficult to calm him. Following scrutiny of his bag, Fred?s parents were contacted by the hospital staff and informed of his whereabouts. They reported that Fred had been missing for five days and they feared for his safety as he recently revealed to them that he had been hearing voices telling him to jump from the bridge that was located near the town.

Following examination by a doctor at the hospital, he was sedated and restrained and referred via the Royal Flying Doctor Service, with a nurse and police escort for admission to a medium security ward at an ?approved hospital? in Perth.

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