Mental health illness



Mental health illness

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1) Using your list of stakeholders and research questions from last week, conduct at least one phone or face-to-face interview with a stakeholder and report the answers to your questions. Be sure to ask about strategies that have been or could be tried to solve the problem and strengths and limitations of those strategies. 2) Conclude your post with a policy recommendation that you have selected to propose to solve the problem. Be sure to cite references as required.

Last week assignment.

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Mental health illness

These are health problems involving changes in thinking, emotion as well behavior. Normally mental illness is associated with distress or in other cases, problems functioning in social works (De Silva et., al 2005). According to World Health Organization;

· Approximately one in five adults in the united states experience some mental disorder,

· Further, one in 24 has a critical mental disorder

· And on in 12 has a substance use disorder.

Nevertheless, mental disorder is treatable and majority of people with mental disorders continue to function in their daily lives.

In order to understand health issues related to mental illness, below is the information I will collect in order to form a recommendation for a policy solution to the problem.

Social-economic aspects related to mental illness

Approaches that can be used to reduce mental illness

Government involvement in terms of policy making

The public perception and treatment of people with mental disorders

To facilitate a comprehensive research, I will involve the following stakeholder;

  1. Health practitioners

  2. The public

  3. Policy makers

  4. Government agencies

  5. Social work professionals


De Silva, M. J., McKenzie, K., Harpham, T., & Huttly, S. R. (2005). Social capital and mental illness: a systematic review. Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health, 59(8), 619-627.

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