Grading is based on the clarity of the thesis statement, reasoned support of the argument, and inclusion of course materials. Essay organization and writing quality (structure and clarity) are worth 10% of your grade. Do not add a bibliography since you will be using only course materials. If you quote directly from course materials, indicate the source in parentheses: e.g., According to Frieden (p. 7), “Not everyone welcomed economic integration.”



Essay Prompt: What were the main causes of globalization before World War I?  Using “Endowments,” explain the types of goods that were traded between Europe and the Areas of Recent Settlement (ARS) before 1914. Conduct a similar analysis to explain migration patterns between Europe and the ARS in this era.  Then, using “Interests,” identify the winners and the losers of trade or migration in Europe and the ARS in this period.  Finally, using “Institutions,” explain trade or immigration policies in at least two countries prior to 1914.

NOTE: For each of the final two parts on “Interests” and “Institutions,” discuss either trade or migration, not both.



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