Migration profile

Your final paper is a migration profile. You will choose a country and group to analyze and in a 5-page paper, address the following:


  1. 1-Background Information: What conditions in the country of origin prompt immigrants to leave home?
  3. 2-Why do they choose to settle in a particular country?
  5. 3-How do they travel across borders? Fund their journey?
  7. 4-Provide statistical data about a specific immigrant group.
  9. 5-How are they treated in the host country?
  11. 6-Do they maintain transnational ties? For instance, do they send remittances (money) to family members still living at home?
  13. 7-What are the living conditions in the host country compared to the home?
  15. 8-How are they perceived by the government and people of the host society?

You must cite a minimum of 5 valid and reliable sources (3 of which must be peer-reviewed journal articles, census data, books, etc.; the other 2 can be news/web sources). 


This is an academic paper and must be formatted appropriately:

  • Time New Roman font
  • double-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins
  • include citations if you insert a direct quote or if you paraphrase information from a source (yes, you must cite the source even if you summarized it using “your own words.”)
  • a bibliography or works cited page after your 5th page of content (this means that you are writing 5 full pages and then including your bibliography/works cited. Your bibliography/works cited page does not count toward the minimum 5 pages required for this assignment)
  • consistent use of a citation style (MLA, APA, or Chicago)

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