Mindfillness reflaction

Rubric Criteria:

Reflection (40 points/4%)

1. Answers the weekly reflection questions. 

2. Uses two specific examples from the video(s) to support writing. 

3. Uses current APA format (including title page)

 4. Grammar and mechanics are free of errors.

 5. Contains no more than 3 spelling or typographical errors.

 6. Writing demonstrates original thought without an over-reliance on the works of others.


                 The Question for this assignment

  a.      reflection:

1.   Of the list provided in the video, what healthy habits do you already use in your daily regimen? 

I do adapt the body scan meditation .

want you to include and reflect on that response in the paper Also we need two outside scholarly reference.


2.   What healthy habits mentioned that you do not currently use, what might you consider adapting into your life? 

I do the 4-7-8 mediation, already 


Remember please do not be late. 



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