Mini Essay AMH

The prompt for the mini-essay is as follows:

How did the legal challenges to the New Deal “alphabet soup” programs reorient the executive and the judiciary towards one another?

Please read chapter 23 of the textbook, the March 9, 1937 “fireside chat (Links to an external site.),” and the Supreme Court opinions of U.S. v Butler (Links to an external site.) and Schechter v U.S. (Links to an external site.) To help you form a thesis statement, ask yourself the following questions: where did executive and judicial powers intersect and diverge? What did FDR and the judiciary see as their own proper role for the government, and how did they perceive their the other side’s position within the system of checks and balances? What were the immediate and long-term consequences of these legal challenges?


The paper must be written in the Chicago Notes-Bibliography style. It must have a thesis statement, an argument, footnotes, and a bibliography. The paper must be a minimum of two (2) and a maximum of three (3) pages in length.


There is no bibliography page that needs to be made, the only citations would be in text citations and the chicago style footnotes at the bottom of each page.


To find the information in chapter 23 of the textbook just go to this link:

Press login and then sign in to yuzu barnes and nobles.


password: Eonspeed4.


Here you will find the book and all its chapters. For this essay no outside sources are allowed, only the book and the three links I shared. Please let me know if there are issues opening any of them!

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