morally praiseworthy

Kant states that the only thing good without qualification is a “good will.” (and by that he means, a will guided by the categorical imperative. See this week’s guidance for a bit more detail.)

On this basis, he holds that we can do the ?right action? but not out of a good will, and that only actions done from a good will are morally praiseworthy. Do you agree with Kant?

Provide an example (real or made up) of someone doing a good thing but out of a motive other than that of a good will, and give reasons for why you think Kant is right, or why you think Kant is wrong that this action lacks moral value.

Discuss the importance of the will and how one can attempt to create a good will. If you do not think a good will is IMPORTANT discuss your reasons for believing that the will is not IMPORTANT in ethical action.

(Please see this week’s guidance for some important detail reminders on Kant’s moral reasoning)

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