motivate the audience members to take a specific action that will assist in solving a problem. 

The Motivational Speech Assignment

CAS 100A


During this final speech you will speak for 5-6 minutes to motivate the audience members to take a specific action that will assist in solving a problem.  Such action could include changing lifestyle, altering habitual behaviors, joining organizations, donating money, or contacting legislators.  The action that you suggest should be both feasible for your classmates to accomplish and actually aid in solving the problem.  Your main goals for this speech are:


  • To intensify the concern that the audience should feel about the problem and to make it especially relevant to them.
  • To remove the obstacles that would hinder an audience member from completing your proposed action.


If your call to action is reasonable, manageable, and passionately presented, your audience should be left with a desire to help alleviate the problem, and hopefully, they will be encouraged to act.


In terms of organization, the speech should follow Monroe’s Motivated Sequence.

  • Attention Step
  • Need Step
  • Satisfaction Step
  • Visualization Step
  • Action Step



The following is a list of requirements for this presentation:


  • This speech should display both mastery of the subject matter and adaptation to the audience in its use of language, structure, arguments, and appeals. Delivery should be extemporaneous, and will employ effective means of engaging the attention and motivations of the audience.


This should be your most authentic speech, achieving a connection and conversation with the audience.


  • You are allowed 1 notecard, or will receive 5 points off per extra card or pages of full speech. No, poster board is not allowed.


  • Use of a visual aid is optional in this speech, but if used, it should conform to proper standards.



  • No citations are required. However, if you do quote or paraphrase sources, you will still need to orally cite them and to include them in a bibliography attached to your outline.


  • As customary, your final draft should be submitted at the beginning of class on the day you present. I will upload your video to Box and a 1-2 page self-critique will be due the following class period.
  • Please note the additional questions on the self-critique rubric for full points.

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