movie essay must be at least 3 pages



This essay is minimum 3 pages, maximum 5 pages. It is due June 1st , 2018. Choose a movie, any movie you want, and apply the concepts you’ve learned in this class to the movie. Though you can choose any movie you want, I recommend sticking to one that’s already about relationships—it might make the assignment a little easier. I’m okay with you watching the same movie with some of your classmates, though of course your essays must be different.

Some suggested movies that might be good for this assignment:

The Last Samurai, Friends with Benefits, The Breakfast Club, Love Actually, The Break-Up, He’s Just Not That Into You, The Proposal, Pride and Prejudice, American Beauty, Pretty in Pink, Swingers, Friday Night Lights, Full Metal Jacket, Pulp Fiction…

Your job is to watch the movie and find concepts and theories discussed in class and in the textbook. You will then highlight these concepts in your paper, and provide strong, detailed descriptions of examples from the movie. An “A” paper will use the introduction to provide a description of the plot of the movie, and then will use several concepts from the course and demonstrate a strong understanding of the concept using examples from the movie. Also, an “A” paper will have minimal grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. Please proofread your paper for content and format mistakes.

For example, “The Breakfast Club” is a movie about teenagers who get stuck in detention on a Saturday morning together. They are all from different groups (i.e., jock, popular girl, weird “emo” girl, trouble-maker, etc.) and the movie is about the development of a friendship between these people who had never spoken before. Therefore, in my essay I will discuss the theories about self-disclosure, and then I would provide examples from the different points of self-disclosure from the movie, as all of the teens open up to each other over the course of the movie. I will also talk about creation of self, because the positions these teens hold within their school affects their perceptions of themselves. Further, my essay would address perception of others. Being that each teen comes from a different crowd, they have perceptions of each other that they learn about through the movie.

Again, you are free to choose any movie, and free to discuss any concepts from the course you can find in the movie.

The purpose of this assignment is to get you to search for examples of things we’ve learned in class, and demonstrate to me that you have a strong understanding of them by giving me detailed examples.

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