My life with COPD

Interview a person (consenting adult friends ) who has a chronic illness (COPD). The narrative should seek to capture the individual’s perspective of living with their illness, with all of its emotional,psychological,spiritual,and physical components. this narrative differs from a case study in that a case study focuses only on medical facts and response treatment. On page one of your narrative ; succinctly and accurately describe, in your own words, the pathophysiology of the client’s chronic illness,in 1 page or less. Then, go on to describe the etiology, pathogenesis,morphologic changes, clinical manifestations, diagnosis, and clinical course of the illness. Use textbook” Lippincott Course point for Porth: Essentials of Pathophysiology 4th edition” and/or nursing articles as references. On the last page, contrast and compare the individual’s perspective of living with the chronic illness with the description of the pathophysiology from the first page.

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