Myths or allegories are stories created to help humans explain cosmic mysteries

Each student will write a 3-5 page essay using correct MLA formatting (typed in 12 point, Times New Roman font, double spaced throughout, 1 inch margins, etc.) and documentation standards. Papers without proper MLA documentation will automatically receive a failing grade for the assignment. Each student should use a minimum of three CREDIBLE outside sources documented within his or her paper in MLA style. Please review the grading rubric for writing assignments BEFORE beginning this essay. The writing rubric can be found in the Content area Research Paper by clicking on the Research Paper Link on the course home page.


  • The final copy of this paper is due: 31 March 2018. No late papers accepted.


Your paper should address one of the following topics.


  1. Myths or allegories are stories created to help humans explain cosmic mysteries. Many cultures/civilizations throughout history have passed down their version of a creation myth/allegory, a story to explain how and why humans came to be: “Ancient humans celebrated their most important beliefs in myths/allegory, stories that explained in symbolic terms the nature of the cosmos and humans’ place in the world. Myths/allegories arose from the earliest humans’ evident belief in a higher reality, a sacred dimension beyond or beneath human experience” (Bishop 29). Early humans did not have the scientific understanding that we so easily take for granted; therefore, myths/allegories were created as a means of attempting to explain the unexplainable: “Myths explained catastrophic events and individual misfortune as part of the fabric of divine purpose” (Bishop 29). For this topic, research the history of myth/allegory/folklore/legends/fables. Explain the history of myths/allegories. Choose a specific myth/allegory from history, and relate it to an “urban legend” of our present society.

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