Native American Cultures of North America

Native American Cultures of North America            

Final Paper                                                                  

 Summer 2011

Not all people hold onto the same truth and that different people can live by different truths without the necessity of all people coming under one truth.

Lawrence W. Gross

Everything does not have to be written down to be true.

Roxanne Struthers


We have read various poems and stories that embody the complex nature of truth. The above quotes infer how such truths are a product of our lived experiences, whether they are derived from self-knowledge, family, community, or spiritual groundings. As you’ve navigated the experiences of Native peoples by reading their stories of struggle, survival and strength, it is now your turn to become the undisputed expert of who you are, what you embody, and what your worldview represents. The authorship of this mini-reflective piece is your chance to contextualize how these influences shape you and your ideas. I have outlined some questions below, that you may want to consider in your writing:

  • How do you identify yourself to others?
  • What is the history of your identity?
  • How does your identity shape how you engage and respond to many of the issues that you are confronted with, whether they be in or outside of this course?
  • In regard to the readings, were you able to relate to any of the aspects that emerged:

-Connection to place (home/community)

-Cultural identity


-Political struggle

-Effects of historical trauma

-Reclaiming of self

You may answer one or all of these questions. If these questions do not appeal o you, think of some other aspects you would rather address. These are merely here to help guide you toward constructing your paper. Finally, your paper should be no less than 2 pages in length, double-spaced, using a 12 point times new roman font.

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