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I need help with an assignment from the class (Industrial Organization in Manufacturing) that I am taking. I need it to be 100% your word. I need it to have ZREO plagiarism. No citation needed, since it’s your own thoughts and opinions from the topic, It is important to NOT cope or explain the thoughts and opinions of the chapter or others (t’s your own thoughts and opinions). Need it in 24 hours. Attached is the chapter from the book that you need to use in this assignment.

The assignment instructions are below:

First Part :

(In 200 word each write about the following):

1-Hersey & Blanchard developed a situational leadership model described as adjusting your leadership style to specific situations to reflect employee needs.  This model focuses attention on the readiness of the employee.  After reading about this model, give some examples of how you have supervised (or have been supervised) through each one of the four stages of telling, selling, participating and delegating.  Discuss other things related to this model such as: how does this relate to other topics we have discussed such as motivation, communication, etc.., how does this compare to other leadership behaviors and styles?

2- In Chapter 8 you learned about McGregor’s Theory X – Theory Y and how a supervisor might view their employees.  As we move through this chapter on Leadership, I hope you will begin to develop your own thoughts and views about workers in general.  Describe how your view of workers might influence the way you motivate and the way you lead others.

Second Part:

(In the class, I need to respond to the answers of four students from the first part. To explain it more, my classmates some of them answered the two questions. What you have to do is read them, then respond to it. The respond is like what you think about what he wrote. Also Like do you agree or disagree with what he wrote, what do you like about it and what you can add to his opinions and thoughts. (FYI try to be positive (like agree with him) and also be respectful)

(In 200 word each write a respond about the following):

(from Q1)

1-After reading the model, I believe I will be able to utilize the four stages when I will become a supervisor. Telling, selling, participating and delegating are four stages given under situational model by Hersey & Blanchard. The readiness of the employees will become clear from the four stages and the supervisors can use their communication skills to find about the stage of readiness of the employees and then use their motivation skills to influence their readiness.  Leaders can use telling leadership style when they handle new employees and the new employees are not certain about their job responsibilities. The selling leadership style will work when the employee is involved, but lacks abilities and training.The participating leadership style is for employees who have become expert and the delegating leadership style can be utilized when the employees have developed completely and the employees can perform on their own. Thus, the different leadership styles can be used in different conditions and according to the developmental stages of the employees.

(from Q2)

2- The supervisor has to view the employees based on McGregor’s Theory X-Theory Y and this will clarify a lot of things for the supervisors. They would know exactly the qualities and traits of the employees and what kind of motivational tools can be used for these two kinds of employees to improve work efficiency. Workers in general are self-motivated, or they are not motivated at all and work just for the sake of job security.  In the case of motivating the workers and leading them appropriately according to their qualities, human relation skills can be helpful. These skills can help to develop proper communication skills to understand the employees and also to motivate them in the right direction. These particular leadership skills can also help to listen patiently to the views of the employees by accepting and encouraging their involvement. These skills can help to coach, facilitate and support the employees from the X and Y background equivalently. These skills are al about the leadership qualities of the supervisors to motivate the employees with different kind of views and expectations from their work place.

(from Q2)

3- The theory of “X” and “Y”, which focuses on the behavior of reward and punishment for individuals and extent of the impact of reward and sanctions in the work, where Douglas McGroger focused on importance of understanding the relationship between motivation and the philosophy of human nature, and built his theory that most managers tend to put assumptions about employees, And choose the appropriate method to push them, and on the basis of these assumptions, McGroger divided workers into two groups called code. To measure the reward and reward, the more productive and tender the employee turn to the positive side, and nutty to work and vice versa, and then like the symbols towards the behavior of the individual. Employees feel more motivated to work more seriously when they empowered to make decisions while working, but try to look for other ways to encourage them: bonus grants, new office, day or two days off, and so on. But in any case should focus on the factors that affect the enthusiasm of the workers at work, especially the underlying factors within each of them.

(from Q1)

4- In the previous discussions, I have mentioned how I used to work for a supervisor who lacked motivational skills back in my home country. Well, after reading through chapter 9, I would say that he also lacked skills in leading employees. In fact, I remember during my very first at the organization he gave me a very difficult task to do without caring to explain to me it is done. I had to rely on the help of a senior employee to get the task done. Instead of taking me through the various stages of the situational leadership, the supervisor simply skipped to delegation which made life a bit difficult for me.I wish that he would have taken me steadily through the four stages because then I would have had a pleasant experience during my first few months at the company. Personally, I think that the initial stage (telling) of the situational leadership model depends very much on communication and motivation. This is because a lot of mentoring is done at this stage which introduces the need of constant communication between the supervisor and the newly recruited employees. The new employees are likely going to experience a lot of challenges and difficulty at this stage and the supervisors may need to motivate them from time to time. I think that the situational leadership is the best since it focuses on the employees readiness and on the enhancement of their skills. I find leadership styles such as task centered as ineffective in todays business world because it involves centralization while most organizations today are shifting towards decentralization to cope with the various rapidly changing factors on all levels of the organization.

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