Nekelia’s Leadership Skills

Explain how individual personality, perception, leadership styles, and self-concept influence human relations in informing the development of a personal leadership philosophy 

Guidelines for Submission: Your personal leadership reflection must be 4 paragraphs (300–400 words) in length.

Use the provided Personal Leadership Reflection Template (Attached). Sources should be cited according to APA style 


Your final project in this course will be a reflection on yourself in your organization and at Southern New Hampshire University. You will analyze your own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats as they pertain to your own leadership skills as well as identify appropriate skills that contribute to influencing workplace productivity, engagement, and motivation.

The final deliverable will be a plan with three goals and action steps that you have determined are the best fit for you as a leader.

In this assignment, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following course outcomes:

ï‚· Explain how individual personality, perception, leadership styles, and self-concept influence human relations in informing the development of a personal leadership philosophy

ï‚· Explain how the communications process in leadership situations affects positive human relations

ï‚· Illustrate how the relationship between motivation, stress, and time management influences workplace dynamics

ï‚· Identify appropriate human interaction skills necessary for managers to positively influence productivity

Prompt Based on your knowledge of human relations, you will write a paper addressing the different factors that have influenced your leadership philosophy, including personality, perception, leadership styles, and self-concept.

In addition, you will examine how your leadership philosophy impacts your understanding of the communications process, workplace dynamics, and management skills. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:


I. Personality and Self-Concept: In this section, you will devote one detailed paragraph to your identified strengths and weaknesses as you consider future leadership opportunities. You may draw from your SWOT analysis in your responses.

Please be sure to address the following in the two sections of your paragraph:

A. Strengths: Discuss the aspects of your personality and self-concept that serve as a particular strength as you consider your future leadership opportunities. Why are these important to you and to others you may be leading?

B. Areas of Improvement: Conversely, what aspects of your personality and self-concept may lead to difficulties in your future work as a leader? What areas of improvement have you identified?

II. Human Interaction Skills: In two paragraphs, you will identify at least two skills—drawing from your course readings and your own experiences—that can positively influence workplace productivity, engagement, and/or motivation. In your discussion of each skill, be sure to address the following questions underneath the skill:

A. Description of Skill: What is this skill, and how is it used in personnel management?

B. Engagement and Motivation: How specifically would this skill positively impact engagement or motivation?

C. Intended Impact: How specifically does this skill positively influence workplace productivity?

III. Personal Development Plan: Finally, you will bring together your reflections on personality, self-concept, and human interaction skills in order to create actionable steps for your future as a leader. First, include a final paragraph answering the first prompt below. Then, identify three goals to enhance your skills as a leader.

A. First, reflect on how this experience has helped shape your personal leadership philosophy. Be specific.

B. Next, using the provided plan template, identify relevant goals to enhance your skills as a leader, action steps to achieving those goals, potential obstacles you may face, and a plan to overcome those obstacles

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