Netflix and Lush Case Study Presentation

Choose one of the mini case studies, Netflix or Lush, located on page 281 in your textbook. They are also available in the Assessment Resources folder. Respond to the following three questions and prepare a presentation supported by PowerPoint slides no longer than 15-minutes in duration (maximum of 5 minutes per question). Support your argument with five recent academic and professional sources of information.


  1. Who are the key stakeholders? How do you believe they might influence the start-up’s success?
  2. What core values do you believe the start-up company must have to encourage a continuous change culture?
  3. Name one change in the marketplace that could go wrong for the start-up company. Develop a creative solution to the problem and justify why your solution will work.

Create a maximum of eight slides in the following manner:

  • a title slide
  • up to six slides for the three questions, and
  • a final slide that has a list of references to support your argument
  • Presentation plus 250 words (maximum)

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