Nitrogen Purging of the Agilent Carey 5000 UV-Vis NIR Spectrophotometer(SOP)

Nitrogen Purging of the Agilent Carey 5000 UV-Vis NIR Spectrophotometer (SOP)

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The purpose of this procedure is to ensure all necessary instructions/steps are taken for a safe and environmentally friendly, Nitrogen purging of the Agilent caret 5000 UV-Vis NIR spectrometry, without compromising the high standards of the eventual output. These instructions are meant to ensure: health of the operators is not put at any risk and that they have adequate knowledge to undertake the process; procedures go on in a systematic manner without failures.

Scope of this SOP:

The scope of this Sop covers the Nitrogen purging of the Agilent caret 5000 UV-Vis NIR spectrometry Explicit equipment levels, rules, method declarations shall be established before the work being undertaken. These shall comprise the Scope of Work.



A) Operator

-Production supervisor-Selects the equipment to be used and reviews the methods to be deployed.

-Fabrication Operator- Assembles all apparatus, materials (gases) and equipment, having tested them respectively. Should ensure perforated trays are well placed and all set-ups are perfect.

b) OH&S Information

-The operator(s) of the purge process should be in protective clothing, sober mind and completely masked from the contact with possible electromagnetic radiations. They should be trained to be able to procure first aid services

– Procedure should be done in a spacious environment with a first aid kit strategically placed. A well labeled emergency exit and trash bin should be in place

c) Equipment and Materials:

Precaution: Nitrogen should never be flushed without valves. All cylinders must have air tight valves.

Plastic, Supply tubing (to direct the nitrogen jet)

Pressure regulator and gauge (pressure to be maintained between 83-172kPA)

Gas manifold (Fitted with regulators)

Agilent Cary 5000 UV-Vis NIR spectrophotometer

Sample compartment

Heat exchanger (heat regulation)

Flow Meters

Screw drivers(to undo the plates and panels

Ultra-pure liquefied Nitrogen (5.0)


Make sure all environmental hazards are checked, and precautions highlighted herein are taken into consideration.

Ensure the Nitrogen purge system is set up to ensure constant nitrogen supply

Fit the extended compartment to the spectrophotometer.(note the spectrophotometer should not be connected to a mains power source)

Connect the tubing from the nitrogen purge system underneath the inlet tubes of the extended sample compartment.

Open the nitrogen control valve to flush the Nitrogen at a supply pressure of between 83-172kPA

Adjust the array of flow meters ensure optimum circulation conditions are met.

Instrument:0-20 l/min

Sample compartment:0-10 l/min

Allow the Nitrogen purging to run for 20minutes the close the nitrogen supply control valve

Check the extend of purging by doing an oxygen scan and water vapor at the U.V-vis region and NIR region respectively

Once satisfied with the extend, detach the sample compartment from the nitrogen supply system

Remove the base of the sample compartment from the spectrophotometer

Realign the optics with respect to the floor of the spectrophotometer

For safe removal of the base please ensure you:

Remove the front door

Remove the cover plate between the horizontal extrusion (unscrew the two screws at its base) and floor

Remove the lower plate

Undo the fasteners holding the sample compartments floor and remove it.

e) The production operator notes all parameters measured (water favor levels, oxygen levels, optics alignments) and along with other documents and forwards them to the supervisor.

f) The supervisor inspects the work done and signs relevant logs, records and audit sheets.

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