Nonprofit Governance

Yifan Li

Nonprofit Governance

Research Paper Proposal Outline

The recruitment of capable and committed prospective directors has become more competitive in the nonprofit sector


The sharp increase in the number of nonprofit organizations over the past fifteen years has adversely affected board governance because, among other reasons, the pool of capable and committed prospective directors has become more competitive.

I. Opening Paragraph

With the rapid development of the nonprofit sector, there is a significant demand for qualified directors, and it results in a growing competition on selecting the prospective directors. The board of directors is one of the essential jobs in leading and managing the nonprofit organization. Therefore, there are tremendous requirements for a potential director to achieve. Qualified directors not only good at governing the board but also have the ability to make ethical and strategic decisions. The performance of the directors has a significant impact on its organizations. It is imperative that the government develop and implement regulations that will ensure that nonprofit organizations employ qualified staff. More importantly, both the board and the public should have the ability to adapt the challenges.

I. Statement of the issue

a) Due to the significant demand for qualified directors, there are not enough professionals who have proper education, related work experiences, and resources.

b) Directors with limited even poor perception of ethics in the nonprofit sector.

II. Define good performance

a) The importance of qualified prospective director

b) Case study about what should a good director do. The introduction of its duties, skills, responsibilities, and other capabilities on work.

III. Define poor performance

a) Case study about poor performance from the director could lead to a major disaster

IV. Raise awareness/Suggestions

a) Board members should clear about their obligations, duties, and responsibilities

b) To have a public education/awareness campaign in order to gain trusts and encourage people to join the nonprofit sector.

c) To have a well-developed code of conducts for board members to follow and monitor

d) To have a training program/orientation for incoming board members

V. Conclusion

The recruitment process for prospective directors in the nonprofit sector is becoming more and more competitive. In order to fill the gap between the fast-paced nonprofit organizations and the significant demand of the professionals, focusing more on the education and policy-making aspects are the fundamental actions to be considered. The poor performance of the board directors is threatening the development of nonprofit organizations. There should be more guidelines and principles for nonprofits on selecting board members. Meanwhile, by delivering a series of public awareness campaigns, it will provide the opportunities to inspire the public to pay higher attention to the nonprofit sector and eventually some of them will devote their career as board members.

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