Observation field paper

Observation a Starbucks store, and answer following questions. This part of the assignment should be treated as a formal writing assignment. Answer each question in short essay format (include a brief intro, body, and brief conclusion). Your answers should not be a lists of observations, but cohesive, well organized, short essays. Questions should be answered in detail and should demonstrate critical thinking. Each answer should take up approximately 2-4 pages (6-12 pages in total).

Questions: 1. How is communication gendered within this context?

a. Describe the context of your field observation in detail.

b. Explain the relationship between communication and context, with a focus on gender.

2. In what ways do the people within this context conform to and/or deviate from cultural definitions of femininity and masculinity?

a. Offer specific examples from your observations and analyze those observations using course concepts.

3. What did you learn from this activity?

a. What did you learn about cultural meanings of gender?

b. What did you learn about yourself?

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