Opioid crisis


This is an informative essay about a current issue that is happening in the medical field which is Opioid crisis.

Address in the paper causes/reasons (You will have to choose 3 of them) and consequences (one of them).

I would like to refer to the causes/reasons (3 of them), but I also would like to address at least one consequence so I can create a good informative essay. 

Make sure to write a thesis statement in which you mention all of them. Based on the points you state on your thesis statement, you will have to develop your informative essay.

Informative Paper Instructions:

*Type of essay: Informative

*This paper must be 4 pages long (not including the Works Cited page)

*Format: MLA

*The Thesis Statement must be clear, underlined, and at the end of the introductory paragraph. It must contain the three (3) points that will be developed in the body paragraphs.

*Documentation: You must use at least six (6) sources from within the last5-10 years from reliable databases. ProQuest Central is highly recommended.

*There must be at least 2 in-text citations in each of the body paragraphs.Do NOT use Wikipedia, Infoplease, Answers.com, WebMd, Psychology Today as a source.

*Similarity (Originality Report): Up to 10% of similarity will be accepted with no penalty

*I recommend that you do not use Microsoft Word online as you may find difficultieswith the MLA format and/or uploading the essay to Blackboard. Use, instead, Microsoft Word installed on a computer. Do NOT use pages.

*You must use the MLA format exactly as it is; otherwise, you will lose points automatically as per the rubric

*Do NOT include tables, lists, bullet points, and graphs in your paper.Be sure to edit your work before submitting it.

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