Option #1: Systems Planning and SDLC

Option #1: Systems Planning and SDLC

Consider the following case from Turner, Weickgenannt, and Copeland (2017):

CEEMCO Corp. is a small, privately owned manufacturing company in Cincinnati. CEEMCO manufactures custom products as well as store display products to sell to other companies such as retailers. Using an Internet search engine, do a search on the terms “CEEMCO” and “Cincinnati.” Examine the kind of manufacturing the company does. Once you have completed that, study an accounting software site such as www.2020software.com or www.accountingsoftware411.com. (p. 180)

Describe the process CEEMCO should undertake to determine which accounting software might be the best fit for the company. Although you do not know much about the company, develop a list of requirements you believe that any accounting software should have in order for CEEMCO to consider the software as a viable alternative. Include a diagram of the SDLC.

Your paper should meet the following requirements:

  • Three to four pages (750-1000 words) in length (not including title and reference pages)
  • Formatted according to APA guidelines as explained in the CSU-Global Guide to Writing & APA(subheadings, 1“ margins, and double spacing)
  • Supported by three credible, academic sources in addition to the textbook. Academic sources should be located using the CSU-Global library. All paraphrased and quoted material must be properly cited per APA guidelines; only cited sources should be listed on the reference page.

Write clearly and logically, as you will be graded on content, analysis, and your adherence to the tenets of good academic writing, which should be succinct where possible while also exploring the topics appropriately. Scholarly sources should be cited and integrated to bolster your own assertions and to supplement your ideas.

Review the rubric in the Module 3 Materials folder for specific grading criteria.

Reference: Turner, L., Weickgenannt, A., & Copeland, M. K. (2017). Accounting information systems: The processes and controls (3rd ed.). John Wiley & Sons

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