OSI Model”

question 1:
OSI Model” Please respond to the following:
The OSI model has stood the test of time. It?s used to describe the functionality of various networking appliances and the logical protocols that interact on the physical media. Modeling is IMPORTANT because it provides a way for experts to talk about what?s happening in the abstract. Think about something you use every day that you could describe using a model. For example, a bicycle. What are the common parts shared by all the different kinds of bikes? How can you use the parts to describe the differences between the operation of one bike and another? Enjoy this discussion topic and apply what you are learning this week to your model.
class mates discussion: (Comment )
OSI Model is a great way to break down network appliances and how they operate. One item I use daily and would like to dissect is email. We all use email daily but when broken down using OSI it becomes interesting. Here is my interpretation using the OSI Model:

The Physical Layer would be the medium used to put the message together and allows it to be sent to the receiver. It converts the data and sends it to the next layer.

In terms of sending and receiving an email, the Data Link works two different ways. If I send an email, on one end data picks a way the message will be sent and on the receiving end data link converts the message and allows it to be sent and seen.

The Network Layer with an email works by using an IP address and determines the source and destination.

Transport Layer where the email is broken down into segments and reassembled by the transport level.

Session Layer A header is added to assist with the start and ending of my email.

Presentation Layer is responsible for converting info for my network and also responsible for encryption inside of my email and on my network.

Finally the Application Layer is the client I use or my email host.

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