paper on a Brazilian artist, genre, or musical movement ofyour choice


You are to write a paper on a Brazilian artist, genre, or musical movement ofyour choice. The paper will be worth 200 points total.  Here are a fewsuggestions to get you started:

1. Do an online search for a topic.

  • The more popular Brazilian musical genres include: Bossa Nova, Choro, Forro, Frevo, Lambada, Mangue Beat, MPB, Samba, Sertaneja, and Tropicalia.
  • Some, but certainly not all, of the Popular Brazilian artists include:

1) Jacob do Bandolim

2) Carlinhos Brown

3) Chico Buarque

4) Dori Caymmi

5) Gilberto Gil

6) Joao Gilberto

7 Luis Gonzaga

8) Tom Jobim

9) Sergio Menendes

10) Milton Nascimento

11) Edu Lobo

12) Pixinginha

13) Elis Regina

14) Noel Rosa

15) Caetano Veloso

2. Select a Topic andemail it to me  (Canvas mail) your choice on or before midnight, March 2, 2017.

3. Paper Requirements:

  • Your paper should be three type-written pages, Times Roman, font size 12,double spaced
  • You must use at least three references (ex. Oxford or Grove’s Music on line,books, JSTOR articles, websites, etc.). Note: Wikipedia should not be used as a major source; however, it is an excellent starting place to form your bibliography
  • You can use MLA, Chicago or whichever writing format you use for your discipline.

4. The body of your paper should include the following:

  •       Title
  •       Your name and date
  •       A brief history of the genre or biography of the artist you chose
  •      Cultural/Social influences on the genre or artist
  •      The effect of this genre or artist’s music on Brazilian society
  •      Be sure toquote your sources (use footnote citations, or parenthesis), in the body of your paper, and include a bibliography (works cited) page
  •      A brief analysis of a song or songs that represent the genre or artist’s          style
  •      A Brief Summary

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