Passive smoking among pregnant mothers and premature birth

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You need to write a review report summarizing the current state of knowledge with respect to the epidemiology of a specific disease or health-related condition in KSA, gulf Counties or Arab world (even broader if needed). Your search for articles will be limited to PubMed electronic database. Your review report should be composed of the following sections

1- Cover page: Including report title and student name

2- Abstract: A summary of all next sections (completed last; around 300 words) and 5keywords

3- Background: A general introduction of the disease and its epidemiology (i.e. its distribution and determinants worldwide), and justification for conducting your systematic review (around 800 words)

4- Aims of the review: with inclusion and exclusion criteria for articles to be selected (around 150 words)

5- Methods: A brief description how you did the review including how you did the search and what keywords you used (around 300 words)​

6– Results: A table (8 to 15 articles) should be included summarizing the study design used, location of study population (e.g. Riyadh), year of publication and main results (any word count, but table should be readable and organized with the use of bullet points). You also need to write a brief summary of the studies in the table (around 300 words)

7- Discussion: covering general findings based on your results, comparison with international figures, implications of your findings in terms of healthcare and future research and conclusion (around 800 words)

8- References: using the following format (APA)

1. Standard journal article

Vega K., Pina I., Krevisky B. Heart transplantation is associated with an increased risk for pancreaticobiliary disease.  Ann Intern Med 1996;124:980-3

2. Books and other monographs

Author/s editor/s (Surname (comma) followed by initials) (full stop), Year of publication (in brackets), Title of book (either bold, italics or underlined) (full stop), Edition (if not the first), Place of publication (colon), Publisher (full stop)

Example: Raven, P.H., Johnson, G.B., Losos, J.B. & Singer, S. R. (2005) Biology. 7th edn. Boston: McGraw-Hill.

3. Dissertation

Kaplan, S.J. Post-hospital home health care: the elderly’s access and untilizaiion(dissertation). St. Louis (MO): Washington Univ: 1995.

5.  Electronic material

Last, F.M. (Year, Month Date Published). Article title. Website Title. Retrieved Month Date, Year, from URL. Example: Satalkar, B. (2010, July 15). Water aerobics. Retrieved July 16, 2010, from

Note: All references should be cited in between brackets within the text as following: one author (Surname, year); two authors (surname of first author & surname of second author, year); more than 2 authors (surname of first author, et al., year)  

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