Personal SWOT Analysis

Approach and Format:
1)This assignments involves conducting a personal SWOT  analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) developing 5-years strategy/plan to accomplish your goals, just as we would developed a strategic plan for a business. The plan should revolve around your career planning.Â
2) First, list your most important strengths and weakness, what you enjoy or don’t enjoy, etc. Dig deep on this. Next, Identify career opportunities and threats for yourself  and the type of career/company you would like to work in. Based on this SWOT profile, develop 5- years career goals starting after you graduate involving things like type of jobs you will pursue, skill  development , salary goals, promotions and so forth. Finally, develop a 5-years action plan on how you will achieve your goals and overcome any challenges or limitations that you may have identified in your SWOT analysis. Be specific on this plan.Â
3) Discuss the above issues in about 3 pages ( give or take ), single- spaced

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