Planning the Presentation (Managerial Communications)

Planning the Presentation

In this assignment, you will learn how to use Microsoft PowerPoint as an effective communication tool.

Using the South University Online Library, research about the PowerPoint features that make it an effective tool for corporate communications.


Recently, top leadership in your organization received complaints about some of their communications to employees. Specifically, employees have expressed dissatisfaction with meetings and with the timing of certain messages. Complaints include:

“Meetings just seem to be pointless. They go on and on.”

“Why do we need to have an hour-long face to face meeting to hear one point?”

“When a meeting is called for Friday afternoon, we know it is probably bad news. Just in time to ruin the weekend.”

You have been asked by the top leadership in your organization to develop a PowerPoint presentation for them on how to improve their communication. Create a presentation with the following components:

  • Assess at least five key communication problems that organizations and leaders face.
  • Justify at least five best practices for organization-wide messages (i.e., channel, timing, etc.).
  • Propose at least five key principles for conducting effective meetings.
  • Defend three ideas as “the most important thing a leader must do” for effective 1:1 discussions with employees.
  • Evaluate the benefits of your organization’s top leadership team adopting the principles and practices you are recommending (throughout your presentation) and the consequences of failing to adopt the principles and practices.

Note. The main detail of your presentation should be included in the notes section of the PPT. In essence, the notes section is where your instructor can read “your paper.” The slides should just contain the main ideas and supportive graphics as needed to effectively convey your message to an audience.

Submission Details:

  • Submit your answers in a 12-15 slide Microsoft PPT.
  • Cite sources using APA style. Include references on the last slide of the presentation.
  • Name your document SU_BUS3041_W3_LastName_FirstInitial.ppt
  • Submit your document to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned.

No Plagiarism!

Must have 3 or more references with citations!

Thank you!

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