Please write the argument paper, the topic is ” how terrible the sexual…

Please write the argument paper, the topic is ” how terrible the sexual assault Affecting the Quality of Education is” (from the both sides).


Part One:

Situation Analysis



 ·   Minimum 200 words (successful analyses are often longer)

·   Following Step 2 in CHAPTER 3, analyze and specifically describe your Time, Place, and Purpose of your draft. To describe your Audience, follow Step 2 of CHAPTER 13 and consider the questions in “Examine rhetorical context” above.

·   Place the situation analysis at the beginning of your first draft, before the first page of your actual composition


Part Two: 

First draft:

·   An essay taking a stand and making arguments in support of a view or course of action on the issue, problem, or controversy developed in Writing Project 3.

·   Clearly focused, debatable, and supportable thesis statement advocating your view on the problem or controversy

·   Use of evidence from sources, objectively and accurately interpreted

·   Effective reasoning that demonstrates how the evidence supports the thesis and the specific arguments being made 

·   A logical organizational structure that clearly and effectively guides readers through the arguments being made

·   Use of evidence from sources (at least 10 quotations and/or paraphrases), clearly discernible from each other and from the writer’s voice and cited using correct in-text citations

·   Use of at least 5 relevant and highly credible sources, at least 4 from the Ivy Tech Library databases. (No Print Sources.) 

·   APA or MLA manuscript style, as specified by your instructor, with in-text citations and a References or Works Cited list including ALL sources used. (References or Works Cited list does not count in the minimum word-count requirement)

·   Observation of the conventions of Standard English

1250 words minimum for first draft (the minimum 200 words for the situation analysis is not included in this count) Posted: 4 years agoDue: 24/02/2016Budget: $25

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