How does the poems use of language compare to that of everyday speech?

Respond to one poem from this weeks reading assignment that captures your attention. What about the poems form, language, content, or other dimension do you find engaging? How does the poems use of language compare to that of everyday speech? How do the differences and/or similarities between speech and poetic form affect your experience of the poem? Do these differences and/or similarities influence how you think or feel about the subject matter of the poem?

Though this paper asks that you reflect on your personal, or subjective, experience, like all reader-response criticism, it should be supported by textual details and analysis. For example, consider the poems use of poetic devices and how those help to shape your response to the text. Other possible aspects to consider are the connections between the poems form and subject matter and the roles of rhythm and musicality. (See Chapters 9-11 of the text for literary concepts related to poetry.)

The paper must include an original title, an introduction with a thesis statement, supporting paragraphs, and a conclusion. Support the argument throughout the paper with textual evidence and analysis. Remember to develop a thesis statement that answers the question what? In other words, what is important about the argument you are making? What meaning or value might it have to your reader and/or to society? For example, the paper might consider if your experience of this poem is indicative of reading poetry more generally. Or perhaps the poem addresses a common human experience or a critical social issue.

Your argument should address how a certain quality or qualities of the poem affect your reading experience. Though your paper may explore more than one way in which you have responded to the poem, think about the connections between your responses and the literary elements and qualities which help to evoke it. Each paragraph of your paper should help to support that central thesis. Support the argument throughout the essay with textual evidence and analysis.

This paper must be two to four double-spaced pages in length.

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