Policies for technology teaching (research paper with the usage of software R) Essay

Policies for increasing technology teaching for the primary students to improve their learning efficient.
Using the U.S and Japan as examples.

Using R to do the analysis the data

1. Technically, high technology can improve learning efficient
? Why and How with some reference
2. Why do U.S prefer to use more technology for examples, ipad, imac
? Is that work?
? How is that work?
? Provide some data that can prove that using technology can increase the learning effect
? What policies does US government used to encourage schools to use more technology elements?
? Any political benefits for that?
? Any disadvantages for using technology teaching style?
3. In Japanese teaching system, teachers prefer to use the traditional teaching system
? Is that work?
? What is the reasons for them to keep on using those teaching styles?
? Any disadvantage for using the traditional style?
? Some data to analyze
? Any policies that can encourage teachers to use more technology to teach?
4. Use the data to discuss if technology can work for primary student?s learning efficient.
5. How do the policy work or how can we make the policy work? For example
? The fund
? How to encourage school to prefer to inject money for building up the system.
6. Think some new possible policies for the governments that can popularize the technology teaching system.

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