Policy Written Report

Turn in a complete list of references that you have located for evaluation and feedback toward completion of this project. After each reference, write a well-developed paragraph indicating what you learned from it. Be sure to include why you believe this resource constitutes a scholarly or academic one. Your reference list should be written in full APA format. Document formatting and source citations should be in conformity with CSU-Global Guidelines for Writing and APA Style.

In a 6-8 page policy paper, fully answer the following questions:

  • How does your community (i.e., the state in which you live) fail to meet the needs of clients with mental health issues after they complete probation or time in prison?
  • What solutions can you provide to improve the situation?

You are strongly encouraged to talk with members of the mental health and criminal justice communities to get a better sense as to the needs in your community.

A policy paper (or whitepaper) is one that proposes a specific answer or solution to a policy-relevant question or issue with the majority of its focus and analysis on the answers, rather than on the history or statement of the problem. Policy papers are presented to those who make decisions (e.g., a state senator, top government official, CEO, or the governor); therefore, you can presume your reader has some working knowledge of the problem to be addressed. Your resources are to be scholarly and supported by research, rather than textbooks, dictionaries, or common, run-of-the-mill newspapers or online websites.

Your paper should include discussion and citations from at least four credible sources other than (or in addition to) the course textbook. You can find these resources in the CSU-Global Library. Document formatting and source citations should be in conformity with CSU-Global Guidelines for Writing and APA Style.

In addition to all APA guidelines, the policy paper for this course should include the following:

  • A brief (1-2 page) history of the nationwide problem to be addressed;
  • A brief (2-3 paragraphs) statement of the local problem to be addressed;
  • A short answer (2-3 paragraphs) that summarizes the in-depth analysis conducted later in the paper; and

An analysis section, which is, in essence, the rest of your paper (3-4 pages). This should be a detailed analysis of your solutions, supported by facts, data and other reliable, relevant resources. Please see the grading rubric’s “Content and Analysis” section for details on the expectations regarding the analysis section.

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