Political science bibliography on border security

Bibliography and Outline

The bibliography/outline forms the first part of your paper and the topic is as follows:

Start by reading the following three articles (accessed through http://www.irpp.org):

The mounting costs of searching the undefendedborder by Pierre Martin (July 2006)

The border after 9/11 ? security trumps all by Kathryn Bryk Friedman (February 2010)

A smarter border starts at the airports by Toby C.D. Lennox (March 2011)

Each author offers a view on the issue of border security and after assessing the positions of each author. Write a paper that either supports a more secure border with the United States, or one that seamlessly allows for the free movement of goods, services and people.

The first part of this assignment is the preparation the outline for your paper, and a bibliography, both of which will be used as preliminary research for your research paper. Use the following directives as a guide to preparing this assignment.


Definition (100-200 words). Describe your proposed paper. It is recommended that the scope be defined in terms of a question to be answered. Describe in general terms how you will find the answer to the question, what sort of sources you will use, and what evidence those sources will provide. If you use concepts like “effectiveness” or “causes” or “relationships” then provide a succinct explanation of what you mean when you use those words.

Objective (s) (not more than 50 words). Provide a single overall objective of your paper, and, if need be, several minor objectives.

Hypothesis (one succinct sentence). State the hypothesis of your position paper. This is a tentative answer to your research question.

Outline (not more than 250 words). Provide an outline of your proposed position paper. Sentences with the key idea for each part are more useful than bullet headings.


The bibliography should be divided into the following sections, and its length is not limited. Keep in mind that grades will be assigned according to the quality and breadth of your sources.


List at least 2 books on the topic that you propose. Keep in mind that some books are better than others (i.e. refereed academic publications tend to be better than commercial ones). Provide a short annotation (maximum 100 words) on one of these books.

Refereed Journal Articles (print or electronic)

List at least 2 journal articles from refereed publications that you propose to use. Provide a short annotation on one of these articles (maximum 100 words).

Primary and Reference Sources

List at least 2 primary sources for your project. A primary source is one generated directly by the phenomenon you are studying, e.g. committee paper, government documents and reports, official publications of speeches, Statistics Canada databases, etc.

Internet Sources

List at least 3 online sources. Keep in mind that some online sources are much better than others, and you are being graded according to the quality of your sources

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